CGS CUSIP Access is a web-based service providing access to the entire universe of more than 50 million CUSIP identifiers (Corporate, Municipal, Government, Mortgage-Backed and Private Placement) and standardized descriptions.

CUSIP Access Service Enhancement

The LEI will now be part of the CUSIP Access website, free to all subscribers. CUSIP Global Services will include the 20-character Legal Entity Identifier (known as the GMEI in the US) in addition to "Business Card" information including legal name, registered address, role type and legal form with each entity mapped to its corresponding CUSIP/CINS 6 digit issuer code.

* Usage of CUSIP Access is intended for one named user per user ID. As a reminder, CUSIP Access does not allow concurrent usage nor does it permit for sharing of logins.


Tech Support

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Product Overview


Basic search by CUSIP or CINS identifiers

Special search options
  • Issue Description
  • Issuer Type
  • Maturity Date
  • Interest Rate
  • Update Date
  • Dated Date
Exclude items from your search
  • Insured Issues
  • Matured Issues
  • Derivatives
Additional data on new CUSIP issues, including
  • Bond Counsel
  • State Code
  • Insured by
  • FISN Description
  • Rate Type
  • First Coupon Date
  • Underwriter
  • Indicators (Yes/No)
  • Callable
  • IPO
  • Pre-refunded
  • Depository Eligible
Domestic Coverage

Corporate, Municipal, Government, Mortgage-Backed, TBA, Privately Placed Issues

International Coverage

CINS and ISIN identifiers

Additional Entitlements
  • U.S. Syndicated Loans
  • U.S. Equity/Index Options


  • Direct access to the CGS database via the Internet
  • Real time updates every 5 minutes
  • Fast search capability
  • Fewer clerical errors


Business Hours:
Monday - Friday 9am-5pm
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